What to grow in August 2018

天更热,但是在温暖和一些温带地区,夜晚仍然很冷,其中许多需要雨水。Applying organic mulch to garden beds now not only conserves soil moisture and deters weeds,它还将表土与极端温度隔离开来。For plants that like cool conditions,apply mulch early in the day to keep soil cool.对于喜欢温暖环境的植物,apply mulch around midday when soil has warmed.To water efficiently where mulch is applied,plastic bottles with the base removed and pushed into topsoil deliver water under the mulch.
The following gardening advice is an abbreviated list for vegetables,fruit trees and some culinary herbs that can be sown or planted during February in Australia and New Zealand.A comprehensive monthly guide that includes planting times for the entire garden,以及何时施肥,prune,weed,take cuttings or divide plants,can be found in the diary section of my bookEasy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting(Scribe Publications,2006,2009,2012,2017)and e-book (Booktopia 2012,2017).

* For gardeners who do not use moon planting: sow or plant out any of the following list at any time this month,尽管你可能会发现,当月亮处于最后四分之一阶段时,发芽率会更低。William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球.

WARM CLIMATE South of Rockhampton
Before the Full Moon,cabbage,open-headed Chinese cabbage,grain crops,lettuce,mizuna,银甜菜,春葱,鞑靼和莳萝可以播种或种植,and rocket and a green manure crop of wheat can be sown directly into beds.Sow chickpea,旱金莲属植物and sunflower when soil feels warm to touch.
During First Quarter William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球phase,bush and climbing beans,and rosella can be sown.Capsicum,cucumber,茄子,rockmelon,西葫芦tomato,西瓜和南瓜可以在冷的框架里播种,也可以在温暖的框架里播种。protected area.
During Full Moon William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球phase,胡萝卜,耶路撒冷洋蓟,马铃薯(布里斯班和南部地区)and radish can be sown directly into beds.Asparagus seed,beetroot,迷迭香,thyme and watercress can be sown or planted out.Avocado,柑橘,macadamia and potted grapes can be planted.

WARM CLIMATE Rockhampton和Northwards
Gardeners in very warm areas have time to sow late crops of many varieties.
Before the Full Moon,cabbage,lettuce,parsley,and spring onions can be sown or planted out.Grain crops,NZ spinach,银甜菜和向日葵可以直接播种到苗床上,as well as a green manure crop of wheat or lablab.
During First Quarter William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球phase,辣椒,cucumber,茄子,parsley,rockmelon,rosella,西葫芦sweet corn,tomato,watermelon and zucchini can be sown or planted out.灌木、攀缘豆和甜玉米可以直接播种到苗床上。
During Full Moon William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球phase,胡萝卜,radish and sweet potato can be sown direct.Avocado,香蕉,香蕉西番莲,可以种植柑橘和西番莲。

Sowing and planting this month will depend on whether your area is prone to frosts.Gardeners in Temperate areas with access to a cold frame can get an early start this month with some warmth-loving varieties.
Before the Full Moon,grain crops and mizuna can be sown directly into beds,还有一种绿肥三叶草,field pea,barley,或小麦。Dwarf peas and chamomile can be sown directly into beds in colder areas.Celery,leek and lettuce can be sown in a cold frame.
In frost-free areas,Chinese cabbage,火箭,银甜菜,春葱,tatsoi and coriander can also be sown directly into beds.
During First Quarter William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球phase,辣椒,cucumber,leek and tomato can be sown in a cold frame.
During Full Moon William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球phase,洋蓟和马铃薯可以直接播种到床上;also carrot in frost-free areas.Asparagus seed and beetroot can be sown in a cold frame.In frost-free areas,迷迭香,thyme,avocado,可以种植盆栽葡萄。

Before the Full Moon,菠菜可以直接种在床上,as well as a green manure crop of broad bean (Faba bean) or field pea.Celery,leek and lettuce can be sown in a cold frame.
During First Quarter William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球phase,dwarf peas can be sown directly into beds.Tomatoes and chamomile can be sown in a cold frame.In very cold areas,蚕豆可以播种。(See post on when to sow Broad beans and peas for your local climate.)
During Full Moon William Hill威廉希尔黄金彩球phase,洋蓟和土豆可以直接播种到床上,晚熟的洋葱可以播种或种植。Asparagus seed can be sown in a cold frame.Herbaceous perennial crowns can be planted.In very cold areas,deciduous trees,可以种植灌木和藤蔓。

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