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Compost – bins and tips

Compost Bins Compost can be made in a variety of containers.The examples below show a double bin made from recycled timber,a double bin made from recycled,heavy gauge bird wire covered with knitted polypropylene shadecloth,and a commercial …Continue reading

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Compost materials

Compost is made by combining organic waste than provides nitrogen and/or carbon.The advice to make compost from waste that is green (provides nitrogen) and brown (provides carbon) is a bit confusing when manure contains a lot of nitrogen,but …Continue reading

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Composting recycles organic waste into a product that makes garden soil healthy.Mature compost is a dark brown,sweet-smelling material that can be added to topsoil.There are two ways to make compost – aerobic,which requires aeration during the …Continue reading

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Compost worm farms

For organic gardeners who don't have enough recyclable waste for a productive compost heap,a compost worm farm is the answer.Compost worms are different from earthworms that tunnel through soil and move into compost heaps after organic matter has …Continue reading

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Test compost pH before use

It is wise to test the pH of compost (including homemade compost) before adding it to your topsoil because the pH of topsoil determines which nutrients are available to plants.Well-made aerobic compost has a pH of around 6.0 to …Continue reading

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Avoid digging near fruit trees

A reader has found that the soil around his fruit trees has become quite hard and has asked should he dig around the trees to loosen the soil.It is not a good idea to dig around fruit trees as …Continue reading

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CCA timber update

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) have placed new restrictions on arsenic-treated timber.From this Sunday,July 1st 2012,timber treated with copper,chromium and arsenic (CCA timber) will be declared a restricted chemical product,and further restrictions …Continue reading

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Using wood ash

If you tend to accumulate wood ash from log fires over the colder months,you might be tempted to use it instead of lime to raise soil pH,as it contains between 45–50% calcium carbonate.It will certainly do that …Continue reading

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Manure and mulch warning update

Last October I updated the warning William Hill彩票about pyridine herbicides that can damage or kill both food crops and decorative plants.Unfortunately,some readers have since had plant damage after inadvertently purchasing manures or mulch that contain one of these herbicides,…Continue reading

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I've had several e-mails recently from gardeners who have used purchased soil or organic fertilisers and found that their plants were sickly or not growing because they were growing in soil that is too alkaline.Soil pH (acidity or alkalinity …Continue reading

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