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Citrus gall wasp

Galls or stem swellings on citrus trees need to be removed by pruning by the end of August,as very tiny black wasps emerge from the galls in September and October ready to lay a new batch of eggs in …Continue reading

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Leaf-eating ladybird

This ugly little creature is the larva of the leaf-eating ladybird.Stressed plants in prolonged hot,dry conditions attract these pests.The larvae become almost black as they reach pupa stage.Both adults and larvae of leaf-eating ladybirds are particularly …Continue reading

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Flies around fruit bowl

Column 8 in today's Sydney Morning Herald stated that Sydneysiders' kitchens have been infested by fruit flies,stating that,"They emerge from fruit and hang around all summer".The flies referred to are not fruit flies,they are the very …Continue reading

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Ladybird larvae

Stressed plants attract pests and where you find pests you will also find beneficial insects that feed on pests.During extreme weather conditions you may notice some of these strange little creatures on various plants in your garden.These are …Continue reading

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Yellow leaves – potted citrus

A reader wanted to know what what is causing yellowing of new leaves in her potted,dwarf lemon tree.From the photos she e-mailed,it does look like this tree has an iron deficiency,as yellowing is showing in the …Continue reading

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Red-shouldered beetles

The warm,dry weather has enouraged this small native beetle (Monolepta australis) to move into gardens.As their common name suggests,these yellow beetles have a bright red stripe across their shoulders and a red spot on their wings.They …Continue reading

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Lime Sulphur

Agricultural lime or elemental sulphur are recommended to modify soil pH to a range that suits healthy growth of particular plants.A reader recently asked me if"Lime Sulphur"was suitable to use around roses in her organic garden.‘Lime …Continue reading

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Cabbage butterfly update

Cabbage white butterflies have had a lovely time with my broccoli this year.There are several conditions that make brassicas very attractive to these pests and the brown cabbage moth.See Cabbage white butterfly.My problem was that I inadvertently …Continue reading

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Root knot nematodes

Nematodes that damage roots in the vege patch,are minute worm-like creatures,also known as eelworms.The female nematodes penetrate plant roots causing lumps to form on the roots,which affect the water-carrying ability of the roots.(These are not …Continue reading

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Powdery mildew on zucchini

A reader has asked William Hill彩票about powdery mildew on zucchini plants and fungus-eating ladybirds: Hi.Wonder if you can sort this.1.Most fungi need moisture and organic material.This seems to be supported by my zucchinis which seem to get …Continue reading

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